provides free PHP web components

Welcome develops easy to use, easy to install web components written in PHP/MySQL. All our scripts are free to use, in both commercial and non-profit sites. Feel free to download our scripts and if you need help, a support forum will be available soon, meanwhile you can contact us. All scripts are ©

PF Form Mailer (1.02)

This form-to-email script works with an already existing form and doesn't require modification to your existing form, except for the action attribute for the FORM tag and one hidden input field. All other options are configured through an include file. Handles checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs, textareas and text fields; Installation is done by simply uploading the files to your server, then changing your FORM's action attribute.

PF Recommend (1.0)

With this script you can have a "recommend-us" form on your site, so visitors can enter friends email to recommend your site to them. Very easy to install, this script uses a text file as the email template.

PF Random Quotes (1.0)

This PHP script pulls a random quote from a text file and displays on your page. Extremely easy to include on an already existing page, it requires pasting a single line of code. It's also very small consisting of 1 PHP file and the text(.txt) file with the quotes.

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